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Your Spiritual Practices

Having a life threatening illness often makes people think about what happens after this life.  It may make you question your relationship with God, explore your ideas about heaven and find new ways to connect to your Higher Self and soul’s wisdom.  We can all do this with practice.

People use many spiritual practices to reach these higher realms of awareness.  When I was going through my cancer experience I created an altar, started meditating more, asked questions of my Higher Self while walking the beach, I was more attuned to my angels and I prayed more often.  I also tried to see the Divine in everything and when I had a challenge, I attempted to look for the spiritual lesson.  Others may do yoga, go to synagogue or church and get a spiritual mentor.

What do you do to connect more to the Divine?  Are there places that you go that help you?  are there Spiritual practices that you already do or can try? Do you have a Spiritual community that supports you?

Your cancer path may be an opportunity to develop this aspect of yourself so think about something you can try in this area.