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Celebrate! Your Milestones:

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to say how important it is to celebrate your milestones on this path, because it’s a long one. I estimate this cancer experience will have taken up at least a year of my life when I’m done. And, just like in a marathon, we have to pace ourselves. So when you complete your segment of chemo or radiation, go out with a friend or two and celebrate. Buy yourself flowers, eat at your favorite restaurant or remind yourself how much you’ve completed of treatment and how much stronger and wiser you are for what lies ahead. Cancer reminds us to appreciate every day and it calls upon us to marshal our strength and self-love. Others also may also want to join and support you in different ways. So let us know what you do to celebrate.

With Love,


Coming in time, my book…’The Cancer Path: A Spiritual Journey into Health, Wholeness & Love.’

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