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Cancer Video About Emotions

Getting a diagnosis of breast cancer can make you emotional.  It’s normal to feel scared, depressed or angry.  Often your doctor may not inquire about your inner state and your friends and family may not always know what to ask or what to say.

Sometimes it helps to get a journal, join a support group or get a therapist.  Find a safe place to consistently express yourself.

At the same time, recognize that your thoughts about what is happening affect your feelings too.  So try to find a powerful context for your cancer–like learning lessons, leaving a legacy, helping others etcetera.  This will help you to vibrate love more than fear and this will indirectly make you feel better much of the time.

I explore much more about how to cope with your emotions during cancer in my upcoming book, ‘the Cancer Path.’

If certain things helped you, please share.

My Best in love and cancer,