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Finding out your diagnosis is a very difficult because it’s the first time that you are hearing this news and you know that your life is going to radically change as a result.

It’s great to have a loved one there with you in your doctor’s office to take notes.  Your doctor may rattle off a lot of hard to hear facts so that person can take them in more accurately than you may be able to at that moment in time.

Remember that you will have time to assimilate it all.  You may get a second opinion and will be able to ask your doctor questions on further occasions, and you will have time to do your research.

So, give yourself a little room to take it in gradually and to know that you will be able to gain support to cope with this news and its significance over time.

You will find a way to cope, get the best treatment and even learn spiritual lessons along the way on your cancer path.  So, just breathe and give yourself some time to take it in.