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7 Tips to Get You Through Losing Your Hair:

A woman’s hair is one of her biggest assets of femininity but you can still feel beautiful and feminine, even bald.  Here are some tips to get you through losing your hair.

1- Feel your feelings.  Let yourself feel sad or angry about losing your hair.

2-Consider cutting your hair short first so it won’t be as drastic when it starts falling out.

3- Prepare yourself by buying a wig and some pretty hats and scarves.

4-When your hair falls out in clumps, just shave it all off.

5- Buy some pretty electric blue liquid eyeliner to line your eyes and some pretty lipstick so you feel like a goddess.

6-Get a henna crown so you feel the ancient feminine upon you.  You can get a spiritually significant design like I did.

7- Remember your real beauty shines from the inside-out and your hair will grow back again.  It may even be thicker.


Also, for Free Wigs contact these organizations:

American Cancer Society- 1-877-227-1596

Cancer Care- 1-800-813-4673

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization- 1-800-221-2141

Duke Comprehensive Cancer Centers- Wig and Turban program

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

You can also buy a cheap fun wig to make you and others laugh.  Get one in blue, green or pink.

In New York City, you can get a cheap fun wig at a store called Ricky’s.  If you are somewhere you can’t pick it up easily, you can order one online.

Henna crowns are a great new option for women who lose their hair from chemo.  I heard about this through an organization called  They referred me to a henna artist in NYC called Kenzi.  She came to my house (and commuted 90 minutes).  She created my henna crown in 2 hours for just $100, which to me was worth it.  It was a gift to myself and you can do it too.  Kenzi, my henna designer can do henna crowns or henna on your arms.  Her website is:

Many henna artists do Indian or Moroccan henna designs.  I wanted a labyrinth with a heart in the middle of my head with some butterflies and flowers, representing growth, transformation and the spiritual cancer path.  So you can create your own design or use traditional symbols.  This type of art will last two weeks but you can take pictures and you will remember it as a transformative part of your cancer experience.