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Chemotherapy is a drag in many ways.  Putting poison into your body to kill the cancer cells is no fun.  Neither is losing your hair or all the symptoms you experience.  Being in the hospital for half the day is a downer too.  Can I think of anything nice to say about chemo?  Not really.

What helped me was to imagine healing energy going into my veins as it went in and to distract myself with positive mp3s or meditations on my iphone.  I liked to read or journal or talk to my husband to pass the time.

I would definitely recommend bringing a chemo buddy to keep you company.  I think most hospitals require that someone pick you up and take you home anyway because you may be dizzy.

You can even bring funny movies to watch if you have an ipad or laptop.

Remember that you can and will get through this.  It’s like a marathon that will soon will be over.  Then you can look back in amazement at how far you’ve come.

We are all routing for you.

My Best in Love,