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Cancer Video About Health

We may not be able to control whether cancer returns or when illness can strike but in the new year we can all work on doing our best to improve our health habits.  This is an ongoing project for me.  Since being diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago, I have worked to improve my diet, decrease my stress level, improve overall life balance and increase sleep.

It seemed like a lot of changes at once and often it was two steps forward and one step back.  This is the way with most change once habits have become ingrained.

In my upcoming book ‘The Cancer Path’ (and in this video briefly) I describe the changes I tried to make.  I also discuss the research on whether diet, exercise, stress levels, sleep and other health changes may affect cancer cells.

Ironically, sometimes it’s only during a health crisis that we finally improve our health!  For those of you who are not in the throes of illness, maybe you will start now.

I wish you great health and lots of love and support with your efforts!


P.S. Two books that my patients recommended about change are ‘Mindset’ and ‘Shift.’  I have them but haven’t read them yet.  I’ve been too busy writing!