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Path Changes

When your path suddenly changes, sometimes your actions need to change too.  Finding out that you have cancer is enough to drive you towards the Ben & Jerry’s and make you want to hide under the covers but when you find out you have a life threatening illness, you often want to do everything you can to stay healthy and this involves changes on the level of mind, body, emotions and Spirit.

Many people say that diet and lifestyle affects cancer and some do not.  Most agree that being overweight increases the chances or recurrence and most researchers have found that sugar fuels cancer cells.  So one thing I am trying to focus on is eliminating sugar and bakes products and carbs.  I’ve mostly stopped drinking diet coke or alcohol (except on special occasions).  I’m eating more vegetables, eliminated red meat and am having just a little chicken and fish.  I drink almond milk and eat only a little organic cheese and cage free organic eggs. These were changes I probably needed anyway but cancer was the Zen stick I needed to take them more seriously.  I walk the beach for exercise and will soon be adding more of an exercise routine.  I was tired after radiation and chemotherapy.

On the mental level, I try and meditate each day to clear my mind.  I surround myself with positive spiritual teachers, read inspiring books and listen to great podcasts and audio books.  I write to reflect upon my thoughts and notice when they are fear-based instead of love based and then try and make that shift back to love.

On the emotional level, it is good to allow yourself to cry and be scared when you need to but it’s important to remain present and not to create stories about your cancer that have not happened yet.  When you do this you create emotions based upon a future projection, and you have enough to cope with now.  Love and passion are also high emotional vibrations so you can choose to remember your blessings, the people who love you and the things about which you are passionate in this life.

Lastly, on a spiritual level, cancer often gets you in touch with your Higher Self or the eternal part of you that’s connected with the Divine.  I meditated and prayed more and was aware of my angels and earth angels.  I also connected with my soul’s purpose here, which (besides being a mom and therapist) was to write a legacy of books.

I am describing a few of the things I shifted in each category so that you can begin to think about what changes you’d like to make.

To learn more about healing on all four levels, buy my upcoming book, ‘The Cancer Path: A Spiritual Journey Into Healing, Wholeness and Love.’