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Have you ever stopped to remember your life, pre-cancer?  In one of the books I read how a cancer survivor described her life BC and AC (denoting it as ‘before and after cancer’ instead of ‘before and after Christ’).

Still, it’s important to recall better times and to remember that you are more than this disease and will hopefully be in remission again.  This is just one exhausting and challenging chapter of your life.

In this video, I answered the question about how I met my husband and became passionate about writing and what life was like before cancer.

If someone were to ask you about your earlier life, what might you remember?  What are you passionate about doing?  Are you doing that even more now?  Are you leaving behind a legacy and enjoying your life?

If someone made a short video of you discussing your pre-cancer life, what might you say?  Perhaps you want to journal about it.

Remembering good times past and going forward will remind you or your wholeness and your long life.  there will be many more memories and you are the heroine in your story.

How do you want to remember it?